Social responsibility

For a fairer economy

At Packartis success also means contributing to righting social injustice and the protection and empowerment of the weakest members of our society. Our company supports the RGZ Foundation (, which accompanies people affected by cerebral movement disorders, and Swisslaos (, a project aimed at the improvement of medical supplies to mothers and children in Laos.


We attach great importance to social responsibility, starting with ourselves. A fair employment policy is crucial to us. Thanks to clear assignments and transparent internal communication our employees are motivated to contribute to Packartis' success. In addition, they have regularly the opportunity to participate in further training and thus grow together with the company.


It goes without saying that we are also committed to the worldwide elimination of child labour. This vicious phenomenon, unfortunately still widespread, cannot be found in our supply chains. Packartis adheres to the core labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

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