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Packartis offers innovative solutions for the high-requirement packaging of healthy vegetable products. In order to preserve the flavour and to prevent the degradation of the nutrients following heat treatment, we have developed films with gas barriers that stay intact for a very long time. Gentle boiling in our films does not alter the consistency of your product.

You need to be able to work with reliable packaging material. We have developed heat resistant films for both sterilisation and pasteurisation. These procedures do not affect your packaging design thanks to our latest printing technology. Packaging with your thermoforming machine is performed without any difficulties using Packartis films – even at a high number of cycles.

Tofu, an increasingly popular product, is ideally packaged with Packartis films. The consistency and the aroma of marinated tofu are maintained following pasteurisation and sterilisation.

We continuously work on the development of more environmental friendly packaging so you can meet your customers’ demands. We provide ever-thinner films for vegetables and tofu offering you the opportunity to use less non-renewable raw materials.

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