Target Markets
Fresh and non-perishable products

Our diverse target customers include fresh food producers of red meat and sausage products, poultry, cheese and other dairy products, fish, seafood, pastry, confectionaries as well as salads, vegetables, tofu, pizza, pasta and ready-made meals.

We also apply our expertise to the packaging of medical products and pet food and the developing of customised technical solutions.

Packartis manufactures a wide range of multi-layer films and pouches for vacuum packaging and MAP:

  • Co-extruded multi-layer films
  • Laminated and printed multi-layer films 
  • Semi-rigid multi-layer films 
  • Flowpack films for tubular pouches 
  • 3-side-seal and special pouches 
  • Standing pouches/doypacks 
  • Rotogravure and flexography

Advice and Information
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