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Fresh meat

Packartis is the market leader in the transport and retail packaging of haunches, steaks, chops, cut or cubed meat, hamburgers, and seasoned, marinated or ready-to-use products.

Safety takes the absolute priority in the packaging of fresh meat. Whether for vacuum packaging or MAP, the precisely adjusted high or normal barriers of our films contribute to a long shelf life and an ideal maturing of fresh meat. Packartis’ perforation resistant films protect your precious goods from leakers. The loss of liquid is avoided by skin-plate sealing in your thermoforming machine for which our films are optimally suited.

We know an appetising appearance and a natural colour play an important role in the sale of fresh meat. The innovative packaging solutions from Packartis display lamb, veal or pork at their best and the attractive gloss and optimal transparency of our films help boost sales.

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