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Meat Products

Whether sliced or in pieces, we find the ideal packaging solution for your meat products. The excellent gas barriers of our films contribute to a long shelf life. Sliced meat products stand out in our films for MAP. Effective transparency, a stylish gloss and the built-in antifog system boost the sale presentation. Whole pieces of meat loaf, bacon and boiled ham are also best off in our films –
whether for vacuum packaging or MAP.

At Packartis the impeccable implementation of your design and a long shelf life are combined with practical aspects. Opening aids, such as our easy peel system, ensure your customers quick and easy access to your products.

We can help you adjust to the needs of your customers. Packartis provides ever-thinner films. Through the reduction of the use of raw materials, your production becomes more cost-effective whilst taking environmental demands into account. We also provide thermoformable carton foils for sliced goods in which 80% of the synthetics are replaced with renewable raw materials.

You can rely on our films for packaging in your thermoforming machine – even at a very high number of cycles.

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