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Our range of films provides the best packaging solutions for both hard or soft cheeses. Cheese often continues to mature inside the packaging. We offer breathable films that let the gasses produced by this natural process pass through. The excellent gas barriers of our films also provide a long shelf life.

For sliced cheese, Packartis offers films for MAP. These are marked by their long shelf life and perfect sales presentation. The effective transparency, attractive gloss and the antifog system leave your customers in no doubt about the quality of your products. With the latest technology it is also possible to use thermoformable carton foils in which 80% of the synthetics are replaced by renewable raw materials. In this way we offer you the possibility to switch to more environmental friendly packaging.

Whole pieces of hard cheese are optimally placed in our horizontal flowpack films. Mozzarella and grated cheese could not be better packaged than in our vertical flowpack films. The sealing layer of our flowpack films boasts an excellent “hot tack”. The sealed seam remains closed whilst still hot, enabling packaging at a high number of cycles.

Packartis offers films for vacuum pouches and lidding for packaging ricotta. And yogurt is optimally kept under our perforation resistant easy peel lidding films.

Because your customers notice whether it is easy to open and reclose packaging, do not hesitate to ask us about our user-friendly easy peel system.

Our mission is to adjust our products to your needs. We develop ever-thinner films for packaging cheese and dairy products giving you the possibility to produce in a more environmentally friendly way and at lower costs.

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