Innovation and Sustainability for pre-packaging

As a pioneer of ductile cardboard and paper laminates for MAP packs (on thermoformers) we have now developed a new film for prepack applications.

This film is so ductile that it is used as a lower film, with a transparent anti-fog film for sliced products.

The products can thus be placed in a way that allows the consumer to remove the first slices easily.
An additional advantage for the packers is the possibility of labelling on the "right" side.
Approximately 50% of the plastic components are replaced by renewable raw material.
The film is -as always- gas-tight and therefore suitable for standard shelf life of products.

MAP silver-gold

With a special technology we are able to metalize rigid APET films.
Either silver outside and silver inside, or silver outside and gold inside.
We make sure that these films, despite the metallization, are very well thermoformable.
These films are also available with the "easy-opening / PEEL" inner-layer.
Very promotional!

THERMOCART, the sustainable Innovation in Packaging

Our latest technologies also enable the use of thermoformable bottom webs of cardboard !
Up to 85% of the plastic is here replaced by renewable raw materials. Thus, we enable you to upgrade to more environmentally friendly packaging materials.

Leak proof

Thanks to our perforation resistant vacuum films, we can now pack pre-cooked mussels so that they have a long shelf life.

Your Applications - Fish and Seafood

Plastic films with paper-touch

Not all cardboard films are suitable for the packaging of food. Especially not when the packages must be pasteurized in steam or hot water or even sterilized.
We have developed these plastic films with this special surface treatment in order to obtain the same effect for thermoformables bottomwebs and topwebs.
All colours are possible, even for beige paper or cardboard imitations. In addition, these effects, together with woodprints, is extremely close to the reality.

At Packartis you bring the most recalcitrant content under control

The packaging of a leading European bacon producer was showing to high air leaking rates (up to 12%). After numerous complaints as well as re-packaging operations and returns, this specialist in meat products decided to search amongst a series of film producers for a more adequate packaging for his excellent bacon.

Following technical advice and sampling, industrial test series were conducted with 11 European film producers. For each one, 600 samples were tested on shelf-life, including transports all over Europe. Our films came first showing zero air leaking. Thus, another client could profit from Packartis’ know-how and many years of experience!

Applications of Packartis’ range of films

At Packartis quality is constant.

The Bureau Veritas Certification has again confirmed that Packartis‘ management system complies with the SN EN ISO 9001 : 2008 norms.

Packartis continues to show excellent results in the four main areas that are evaluated, that is responsibility of the direction, management of the resources, implementation of the products and measurement, analysis and improvement.

More information on Packartis' quality management with a new packaging!

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