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Sausage Products

Smoked, dried, raw or frying sausages are well catered for with Packartis’s flowpack films. The MAP contributes to a long shelf life and, even if your sausages contain metal clips, there is no need to worry - our films are extremely resistant to perforation. Thanks to their excellent quality, sealing flowpack films is also possible at a high number of cycles. Whole sausages gain a long shelf life with
our flexible top and bottom films for vacuum packaging, remaining well protected and presented in a way that boosts sales.

The packaging of sliced sausages is also in good hands with Packartis. Our films’ excellent gas barriers contribute to a long shelf life. Optimal transparency, an attractive gloss and the built in antifog system show your sliced goods at their best. Easy opening and re-closing should be available to your customers. Our range of films includes innovative solutions to provide user-friendly product handling.

Switching to more environmental friendly packaging is possible with Packartis. We wrap your products in ever-thinner films, reducing the use of raw materials. This also has cost advantages. Our thermoformable carton foils are perfectly suited to sliced goods, replacing 80% of the synthetics with renewable raw materials.

At Packartis reliability is not just an empty word. Our films offer problem-free packaging in your thermoforming machine - even at a very high number of cycles.

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