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Your crisp pastry should get to your customers exactly as it has been prepared. Whether pre- or ready-backed bread, pizza bases, falaffel, naan, toast or gluten-free products, Packartis films can be processed for MAP to keep aroma in and humidity out. The excellent gas barriers contribute to a long shelf life. If necessary, the air volume inside the packaging can be increased to protect pastry products, leaving them unaffected by transport and handling.

At Packartis long shelf life and safety go hand-in-hand with the impeccable implementation of your design. High transparency, an attractive gloss and the latest printing technology make your pastry stand out without raising your costs unnecessarily.

Our films are perfectly adjusted to your needs. For example, if toast bread needs to be sterilised with infrared we provide you with heat-resistant films. You can rely on our films for packaging with your thermoforming machine – even at a very high number of cycles.

Packartis also offers high-quality and cost-effective films for vacuum packaging dough.

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